01; welcome+affiliates!

Welcome to phailboat, cutephail's layout community. If you're a fan of minimalist and simple layouts, feel free to join. I tend to keep stuff really simple, just because I'm one of those that believes simple is better and attractive.
Please feel free to WATCH the community, as this community will always be open to the public.

Just keep in mind:
1. comments are always appreciated, I like to know if my time making a layout was wasted or not XD
2. please, please credit, anywhere in your journal. spread the word~~\o/
3. you MAY edit my layouts-however, please do not repost them. If you do decide to post a layout edit, ask me first and make sure to credit me in the layout post for the base code.
4. if you don't like anything in my layouts, don't start wank about it. Edit it yourself. If you need help, I will be happy to help you as best as I can. ♥

AFFILIATES; kuribati, ribbonized, kill_brainz