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♥ 400+

Wow, you guuuuuys I never noticed how much this community has grown!
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting layouts-school is a drag, and I'm quite uninspired/unmotivated lately.
But, I'll try my best in bringing you more layouts in the future~^^ thanks for watching!

  • So I Thought

    LIVE // CSS 01. comment 02. credit 03. don't edit+repost 04. enjoy!

  • Neutrality;

    A simple layout. :") LIVE // CSS The navigation is via sidebar. Use this code for the navigation tiny icons: **to add in spacing between…

  • 05.

    LIVE PREVIEW // MINT TEA.TXT Sidebar-less Ver.- CODE please credit me for a code. comments are always loved ♥

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